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    Sports equipment for jumping tracks

    We sell Sports Equipment for jumping tracks that meet the requirements of the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) for use in official and international competitions. They are imported directly from our supplier in Germany, CARO by Olaf Petersen.

    The materials that are sold are:

    • Colored Poles obstacles, with white base, and Natural of 350cms and 300cms

    • Wings

    • Uprights

    • Set of Numbers

    • Cups from 18 to 30mm and safety cups

    • Cavaletti Blocks

    • Pair of Flags white and red

    • Gates & Planks

    • Liverpool

    • Competition Trench

    • Training Water Jump

    • Fillers

    • Stalls

    • Arena Surface Roller

    • Complete Training Set from 6 to 15 Jumps

    • Custom made Jumps

    In case of requesting additional sports equipment that is not in the previously detailed list, please contact info@josalogistic.com to request it from our supplier.


    The firm JOSA S.A. / José Luis Ortelli, have designed and developed equestrian facilities in Argentina and abroad. The following stand out:

    • 1995 Mar del Plata Pan American Games at the San Diego Country Club
    • Club Hípico San Jorge Village
    • Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011
    • Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, development of Jumping Tracks
    • Pan American Games Lima 2019